When talking about tech integration and relative advantage of technology, I'd love to create a series of video case studies of local teachers use of technology. I've created a couple (below) that address questions of what the teacher did, why they did it, the planning and implementation process, resource issues, problem solving, and reflection on the work. This of course could vary, but I think this would be a really helpful library not only of technology integration examples, but also the metacognitive reflection on the part of the teachers. I'll post the cases I have for you to check out soon. In the meantime, can we brainstorm possible cases to develop? My current GA is a journalism major with good video editing skills, so I think we could get these rolling quickly.

Completed cases:
- 5th grade example of digital storytelling focused on creative writing (Rawls Byrd)
- 7th grade WebQuest - math and science - sort of situated cognition
- 7th grade example of digital moviemaking - students created a commercial for FDR for re-election during the depression focused on New Deal programs

Desired cases:
- early elementary
- secondary science, math, English, foreign language
- something with smartboards
- something with InterWrite tablets
- what else?