Hi, my name is Renea Johnson. I'm a senior at the college. I'm in the Secondary Education program for foreign language, Spanish. As a teacher I hope to encourage my students to be genuinely interested in learning the language and practicing it when they have the opportunity. Like many teachers, I would like to reach all of my students' learning styles by teaching in a variety of ways. I know this may be impossible, but I would like my students to leave my class feeling comfortable speaking in the language even if they are unable to completely express what they want to say. I guess I would like to be a patient, caring, and helpful teacher. yo.jpg

I believe that technology in the classroom has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage being that there are a number of sites that are available to students who need extra practice with a subject. Specifically, there is one site that I would like to encourage my students to use, wordreference.com, because it not only provides word translation but also phrasal translations and different examples depending on the context in which the word is used. A big disadvantage for me is that sometimes students do not know what a "good" site is and may get overwhelmed with all the information and sites that are out there. In this class, I would like to learn how to teach students to use technology in a way that will help them learn better and not get side-tracked or overwhelmed by it all.

EFOLIO address: www.rjjohnson.wmwikis.net