Michelle Bousquet, Secondary Mathematics


As a teacher I hope to embody enthusiasm, dedication, and optimism toward all of my math students.

Technology provides countless opportunities for students, especially my future math students. By digitally learning using video conferences, computers, calculators, etc. math students learn applications of what they are learning to the world around them. They see first-hand how they can use math in their future careers or hobbies. Technology also has the ability to bring diversity to the classroom by connecting with different cultures or ways of life. In my opinion, the biggest challenge of using technology is receiving the funding and supplies to do so. It can also be a liability if students are using expensive equipment.

This summer I interned with the Digital Learning Network at NASA Langley Research Center and worked with the numerous programs and opportunities NASA provides in order to teach students STEM standards using technology (mainly video conferencing). In this class, I would like to learn about other programs such as this one so that I can create a fun, interesting, and exciting environment for my math students.

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