• Megan Morse - Biology
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  • Three key qualities that I hope to embody as a teacher are:
    • Inspiration
    • Compassion
    • Relatable
  • key opportunities and challenges of technology use in the classroom
    • Technology changes the face of science in the classroom. Having access to technology allows for deeper understanding of the science, through hand-on experiences, and simulations. Use of technology also allows us to create a global learning community by allowing for communication outside of our classroom all over the world. But technology can also be challenging as students may have different backgrounds working with technology previously, leaving them not on a level playing field. Also some technology can simplify scientific processes which in the end leave the students without as much understand as they would have had, had they had to work a problem out with paper and pencil.
  • One thing I hope to learn in the class is how to make technology accessible to everyone, even those students who may not have had experience with it in the past. Also I want to learn how to best use technology as a tool which enhances science and the learning process, but does not oversimplify the problems and make it too easy to get the answer without knowing the fundamentals behind it.

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