Martha Fisher
Science, Biology
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Three key qualities that you hope to embody as a teacher:
  • Engaging: I want to students to always feel engaged and excited about what they're learning in my classroom
  • Compassionate: I want to be approachable to my students and be supportive of them to help them achieve their full potential both inside and outside my classroom.
  • A Science Advocate: I want to advocate for scientific thinking and ask all my students to become critical thinkers who can engage with information and make independent informed decisions.

A brief synthesis of what you see as the key opportunities and challenges of technology use in the classroom:
I think incorporating technology provides great opportunities to present material and allow students to interact with it, especially in a science class. Difficult concepts can be modeled for students using technology that would be otherwise very difficult to show or explain. Technology also allows instant communication either between the teacher and students, among students, or with others outside the school community. Technology can also be challenging because technical difficulties can occur that slow down the pace of class and disrupt the lesson or activity. Technology can also be a distraction and can be misused by students.

One thing you hope to learn in the class:
I want to learn in this class how to incorporate tools of technology into my classroom to complement and enhance students' learning without them becoming a distraction or something that takes time away from learning.