Hello Everyone!

My name is Mae Maginnis and I am in the Secondary Education program. My subject area is social studies, and my specialty is history (preferably American history).


Three qualities I hope to embody as a teacher are: trustworthy, compassion for my students, and a dedication to excellence.

Technology in the classroom provides an opportunity to interact with and experience a subject. In history, for example, a student may be able to use databases to read primary documents from the 18th century for research or better understanding. Technology has the potential to open new means of learning in the classroom. Some challenges of technology are reliance and the possibility of impersonal contact. It is dangerous for a student to become reliant on technology because it can rob the opportunity for building analytic skills (through browsers or sparknotes). Also, technology brings a possibility of impersonal contact in subjects such as history. A student may be able to read a primary document from the 18th century, but it is not the same as holding it in their hands and interacting with a document or artifact.

I hope to learn how to implement the positive aspects of technology in a classroom thoughtfully and effectively.