Hello! My name is Kelsey Shivers and I am a Senior at the College with a major in English and Secondary Education. Hopefully upon graduation I will find a job as a high school English teacher.

Key qualities: passion, dedication to excellence, and patience

Opportunities and challenges: I think technology provides the opportunity to reach students of all learning styles, provide exposure to numerous resources, and help students gain skills needed for completing educational tasks. One of biggest challenges is confusion of how to use certain technological programs and services because this can cause frustration and distraction among students, educators, and administrators alike.

What I hope to learn: I hope to learn how to find a balance of technology usage in the classroom: A balance of the effective benefits of technology in a student's education, and the necessary level of creativity that teenagers must exercise in the learning process- something technology can sometimes hinder. I also would like to become better at using technology myself. After all, we do live in the 21st century and the mastery of technology is essential in every day life.

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