Name: Kelsey McGlynn

Content Area: English

3 Qualities I hope to embody as a teacher: As I teacher I hope to be rigorous, supportive, and serve as a catalyst for independent student learning.

Technology presents students with a much more easily accessible depth of information, and allows students access to the classroom at home with online textbooks, notes, and grades, which helps students to be accountable and self-sufficient. Technology also provides a new skill set for students to utilize and many new applications that facilitate learning (e.g. online calculators, tools for overcoming writers block, flashcard makers). Sites like Edline can also help parents be more actively involved in their children’s learning, but this can sometimes be to the detriment of student self-sufficiency.

Technology presents a major distraction to students. Students rarely remain completely on-task when using technology, and tend to associate computers with fun rather than learning, viewing computer lab days as non-learning days. Technology also causes students and teachers alike to value flash over substance, and spend more time on the special effects in a PowerPoint than the content. Teachers can also become overly reliant on technology, and find themselves at a loss when the server goes down, and are unable to get through a lesson plan without technology.

One thing I want to learn:
How to find the middle ground between utilizing all that technology has to offer without letting it hijack the intended course content.

Me and my brothers (I'm in the middle)