Hey everyone!

I'm Johanna, my focus in the School of Education is Secondary Education and Spanish. Three qualities I hope to embody as a teacher are innovative, challenging, and inspiring. I think one of the major challenges to using technology in the classroom would be overuse, as many professors and teachers alike use Power Point for every lesson and it tends to lose its effectiveness or the students neglect to pay attention or take notes for themselves at times. Another issue would be time wasted setting up/fixing the equipment. Teachers in this day and age should definitely be taking advantage of available technology to engage their students, but many times it becomes a monotonous routine that has less-than-desirable effects. In this course, I hope to learn the correct ways to incorporate technology in the foreign language classroom to engage my students without using it as a crutch. 306283_3968969424060_652039606_n.jpgCheck out my E-folio!