Content Tool Collection

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore content-focused technology tools and resources available for use in your particular content area. Of course, not all technologies are created equal. The goal of this assignment is to find particularly useful content-specific technologies and share them in your content cohorts. I encourage you to add on to these collections over time to create an ever-evolving resource that you can take with you into your teaching.

Assignment Parameters

You should begin by visiting the Mightybell Space for your content area (invitation emailed to you from Dr. Hofer). Once you’ve signed in to the Space, you’ll be able to see the tools/resources others have already added.

You can then begin finding possible technology tools and resources in your content area. You can find tools and Web sites that are referenced in your methods courses, professional organizations, exploring blogs and Twitter streams from teachers in your content area or through the Diigo group ( we’ve created in this class in the past or via Dr. Hofer’s Twitter stream ( You can also try Free Technology for Teachers or iLearn Technology, Please try not to add a link to a resources that has already been added to the space.

As you identify possible options, you should select five tools or resources that you think connect well with the curriculum content and/or preferred teaching approaches in your content areas and offers significant affordances to teaching and learning. Once you identify the five tools/resources you want to review and share with your cohort, write a brief summary of the tool/resource, describe how it fits in with your particular content area and the affordances and constraints of using it in the classroom.

You should then add Links to each of your five tools/resources. For each entry, copy/paste the summary information described above in the Description field.

Your five entries should be added by the beginning of class on October 9th for the Tuesday section and the 10th for the Wednesday section.

Please click here for the assessment rubric.