We know that UDL suggests that students have multiple opportunities to express their understanding. Pedagogically, this may be particularly helpful in mitigating the representation dilemma (Grant, 2007) and provide active opportunities for student engagement in their learning. One way to couch this more active, creating-oriented approach to students expressing their understanding is viewing students as content creators. When students create their own content, they have to reframe, reorganize, and synthesize information and understanding from a variety of sources (UDL principle I) to create meaning. Virtual exhibits is just one way to approach this challenge. Technology tools provide innumerable ways for students to create a variety of kinds of content.

These kinds of content creation opportunities for students provide potential benefits for students in a number of ways. There are also implications for students in different school settings (high/middle/low SES, urban/suburban/rural, public/private/charter) that we must take into account as we weigh the benefits, and possibly, the moral imperative to engage students in this kind of learning.

Please read through the following readings and listen to the podcast episode. As you do so, create your own belief statement about how and why we should position our students as content creators. This brief manifesto can take the form of a written statement (suggest you draft this in Word and try to stick to 100 words or less) or in some other mode. Those of you so inspired could also create an image collage, a video, or some other way to express your ideas. Whatever mode you choose, your manifesto should be focused and concise while still representing your ideas.

When you've drafted your position statement or manifesto in Word or some other tool, please go to the appropriate Linoit board below and add your post-it note or link with your manifesto to the board prior to class. To create a post, click on the color of sticky note you like and then paste your manifesto onto the note.

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