Catie Larson
Content Area: Secondary Social Studies (High School)
Key Qualities
  • Encourage higher level thinking and continual learning
  • Have a high standard of discipline
  • Create a classroom that is a comfortable, but productive working environment

Technology can be both very helpful and very the challenging to deal with in the classroom. Laptops are available in most classrooms, which enables teachers to allow their students to conduct more in depth research products and access databases such as the google art project. With technology such as the smart board, it gives teachers an opportunity to allow an entire class to interact more with lecture notes and websites. Despite these and other opportunities in the classroom, there are some drawbacks. Technology can be distracting and is prone to not working exactly the way you have planned. There is also a learning curve for certain technological advances. Teachers may not know exactly how to use the fancy new projector in their room causing them to shy away from what is intended to be a positive addition to the classroom.

One thing I hope to learn is how to use a blog or other website for students to post work and create an environment in the classroom which motivates students to utilize all sorts of technology in creative projects.

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