Hello Everyone! My name is Aishaah Reed and my content area is High School Social Studies, specifically American and world history.


Three qualities that I hope to embody as a teacher are compassion, intelligence, and fun.

Technology in the classroom can be a wonderful addition to instruction. I believe that it can streamline and present information in new and exciting ways as well as allows students to be interactive in their education. Instruction that includes a strong integration with technology can help both teacher and student come together and create and explore knowledge that might other wise be limited or unavailable. Specifically in my area of Social Studies, technology use can allow students to mend the seams between the past and the present and can broden cultural experiences. The potential challenges of technology use is ill-preparedness on my part, not keeping up with current advancements and/or not knowing how to properly use certain things.

I hope to learn hope to learn how to use technology to motivate my students to learn with me and in their everyday lives. I would also like to learn what works well specifically in history curriculum.

Link to my electronic portfolio