Application of UDL Principles in Lesson Design

"Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision."
- John Naisbitt

UDL in the Classroom

  • What are the potential benefits?
    • Reach more students by providing different materials and activities
    • More inspiring, more motivational if you can tap into student interests
    • Can help you to anticipate possible problems in the classroom
    • Enhances learning experience even for those students who don't specific special students
    • Can be very intentional in your planning (both for individuals and subgroups)
    • Understanding specifically what we want the students to get out of it
  • What are the major potential challenges to implementing UDL in the classroom?
    • Equity in terms of assessment (particularly with different options for assessment)
    • Still need to push kids out of their comfort zones - importance of scaffolding
    • Planning a UDL activity can be challenging if groups working on different products or doing different things - staying on top of all the options
    • Funding for variety of materials necessary for UDL
    • Depending a lot on technology can open yourself up to problems - plan B
    • Planning time increases

A Big Picture View of Planning Approaches

  • Single day vs. block planning
  • Planning with standards and curriculum maps

  • Planning in a particular paradigm

CAST's View of Planning with UDL

  • Reactions to Interactive?
    • Iterative process - start with standard, think about how you'd typically approach it, then step by and think about different options

Developing a Framework for Planning with UDL in Mind

  • Balancing curriculum goals, individual and collective student needs

Block Planning Exercise

  • Whole class

  • Content groups

Lesson Plan Assignment and UDL

  • Identify a curriculum standard -
  • Block out 5-10 days of class sessions
  • Fill out learning goal(s) for each day and a sequence of learning activities for each, including primary materials and resources
  • Be sure to keep in mind all three networks over the duration of the block and identify appropriate strategies for each
  • Color code based on UDL principle
  • Rinse and repeat :)


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