Course Introduction

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Perceptions of Technology in School Discussion

  1. What are your perceptions of how is technology being used in schools by teachers and students (good and bad)?
  2. Organize ideas in categories: "right on," "maybe, but...," "no way"
  3. Groups share

"Right on!"
-Beneficial for exceptional students (special ed, gifted) Ex) Visually impaired student bringing computer to class
-Use different software to help prepare students for the future

-Quick and easy access to information
-Saving paper

-Presenting information in a different way

-Introduce students to professional skills
-Enhances content. Ex) Kahn Academy

"Maybe, but..."
-Technology is always changing (one device might be good now but not later)

-PowerPoint can be overwhelming, and it can be an excuse not to take notes.
-Accommodate different student learning styles (false assumption that students are native to/prefer technology and teachers are not)

-The use of social media and interacting with people
-Takes away from being outdoors or being engaged and active

-Learning curve (students not having access to technology at home or outside of school) "Digital Divide", "App Gap"
-Dealing with technology failure

"No way"
-Technology can be distracting for students
-Technology can disrupt classroom flow if teachers don't know how to use it (come up with plan b, anticipate potential problems)

-Uneven implementation (some students get superior technology and others get minimal)

-Funding (important to spend money on iPads?)

  1. What conclusions can we draw about technology in schools today?

-Need to think about the value added
-Look at what you can do with the constraints you have
-What is great for one class might be terrible for another

Educational Technology in its Place

Big Ideas for the Course | Syllabus

  • What this course isn't
  • Considering the needs of students -> Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Connecting the technology content -> Content Tool Collection
  • Connecting the technology to pedagogy -> Tech Management Plan
  • Connecting content, pedagogy, and technology -> Technology Integration Lesson Plan

Introducing the eFolio

  • What exactly is the eFolio? | eFolio Helpdesk
  • Why are we doing it?
  • How will I develop it?
  • What do I need to do for this course? | eFolio assignment

"Parking Lot" for additional questions or ideas

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