Application of UDL Principles in Lesson Design

"Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision."
- John Naisbitt

A Big Picture View of Planning Approaches

  • Single day vs. block planning
  • Planning with standards and curriculum maps
  • Planning in a particular paradigm

CAST's View of Planning with UDL

  • Adaptations suggested didn't always match student needs
  • Can't always play students' strengths - over time every student should be both challenged and feel confident/comfortable
  • Changing original learning goal provides space for options - but learning goal needs to be primary focus
  • Providing alternatives takes time in planning (and sometimes implementation)

Developing a Framework for Planning with UDL in Mind

  • Balancing curriculum goals, individual and collective student needs

Block Planning Exercise

  • Whole class
  • Content groups

Lesson Plan Assignment and UDL

  • Identify a curriculum standard -
  • Block out 5-10 days of class sessions
  • Fill out learning goal(s) for each day and a sequence of learning activities for each, including primary materials and resources
  • Be sure to keep in mind all three networks over the duration of the block and identify appropriate strategies for each
  • Color code based on UDL principle
  • Rinse and repeat :)


  • Bouncing ideas around was really helpful
  • Easy to come up with different options - natural process
  • Don't totally avoid lecture - can serve as an introduction or anchor
  • Good to force yourself to think about possibilities for each network in each lesson
  • Even when starting with the SOL's - you can still teach the way you want to
  • Many activities don't fit neatly into one category

"Parking Lot" for additional questions or ideas

For Next Time...

  • Read UDL Guidelines 2.0 Principle 1