What is the digital divide?

For your assignment, you will explore various resources explaining and defining the term "digital divide". You will not only understand others' definitions of the digital divide, but you will come to define the digital divide in your own terms, based on your experiences in your school division, school, and classroom.

The term "digital divide" raises many questions. Where does it occur and why? What are its causes? How wide is the digital divide? Where is it most critical? What are its effects, both short term and long term? And, finally, what can educators do to alleviate these issues?

Please explore http://stich.it/siOTk5OQ

At the top of each page, you will find directional buttons to maneuver through the Stich.it as well as directions and/or explanations for each page. Please be prepared to come to class with your thoughts and ideas about the digital divide.

Please explore Future Research on the Digital Divide for more resources and articles.