Rose & Meyer, Chapter 4

In Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age, Rose & Meyer introduce and build upon the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) theoretical framework. UDL is an increasingly important and widely-used framework in schools and is a key organizing idea for this course. To begin your introduction to UDL, please read chapter 4 (Note: it's easiest to navigate through the chapter using the chapter sections link on the left of the page). As you read, please consider the following questions:
  1. What's in it for teachers to take the extra time and effort to employ UDL principles in their teaching?
  2. In what ways might a classroom designed with UDL in mind (either high school or college) been beneficial for your learning?
  3. What are the major challenges you'd anticipate in employing UDL principles in your own teaching?

Please complete the reading and be ready to discuss these questions in class.