Hello! My name is Sarah Duffy, and I'm in the Foreign Language Education program focusing on Spanish. As a teacher, I would like above all to be creative, fair, and open to new ideas. I see using technology in the classroom as a huge benefit as it allows teachers to bring in various forms of media easily (such as music and video), which will help to capture students' attention and perhaps engage students who learn easier through auditory or visual cues. A potential downside to using technology in the classroom is that technology is not foolproof. If the teacher relies very heavily on using a projector and the projector breaks, the teacher is then sent scrambling to find something for the students to do while he or she finds a new projector. In this class, I hope to learn new ways of engaging students through technology. I hope to get an idea of what types of technology are used in schools with high and low budgets and learn about online resources that are available for students that need extra help.

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