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My name is Rebecca Keezel, and I am a 22 year old from Central Virginia. I say "Central Virginia" because I have had the opportunity to live in and get to know a variety of Central Virginian locations, schools, and communities. I highly enjoy meeting new people and learning about new things. In my free time, I'm usually listening/playing music, reading, or practicing my photography. I love to travel, learn about culture, and explore! Much of my vacation time and gas money is spent specifically researching local history, attempting to physically retrace it, and of course, photograph it (note self portrait photograph above, c1928 retired railroad in Central Virginia). These hobbies, practices, and loving support from a great family put me on an educational track towards becoming a teacher.

Rebecca Keezel -- Secondary Social Studies, History

My Efolio : http://rlkeezel.wmwikis.net/

Three Key Qualities I Hope to Embody as a Teacher
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • Organized

Key Opportunities and Challenges of Technology in the Classroom
Technology is a gift, and a curse. Modern day gadget and computer technology can bring many different interactive and visual activities for the kids involved in a class. The internet can link students with information and other individuals from all over the world. Collaboration and communication between groups and individuals has never been easier due to modern advances in technology. These same advances, however, have not provided society with perfect technology; computers can crash, internet connections can be lost, and financial budgets can limit materials available for students and teachers. As educators, and the world in general, we must learn to correctly balance the equal opportunities and challenges of technology in the classroom, and our daily lives.

One Thing I Hope to Learn From This Class
I enjoy learning about new things, and typically have fun playing with technology. In this class, I hope to be introduced to new technologies, as well as learning how to appropriately incorporate the ever changing and vast amount of technological resources available to educators and the public.