Michael Vereb, Social Studies, American History
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As a teacher I want to be engaging, accessible, and sincere.

Technology is a great avenue for being both engaging and accessible in a classroom environment. As students grow more accustomed to technology at their homes they will soon expect the same technology as a method of learning at school. Technology is exciting and can be an excellent tool to make students more interested in their education. I think, however, that technology has the potential to be distracting. If a teacher is unsure of how to use some technology they may waste class time trying to set it up. In addition, because technology is an attempt to make our teaching more accessible we may sometimes try so hard to be accessible that we lose focus of the desired educational goals.

I want to learn about how to use technology seamlessly. It is usually very clear when a teacher is trying a new method that research shows will work but that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with. I don’t think I need to use technology every day, but when I do I want it to be a natural addition to my teaching methods.