Katie Goins


Secondary Science (Biology)

3 Key Qualities I Hope to Embody as a Teacher
I hope to be a champion of reason and critical thinking. I want to make knowledge accessible and help people understand abstract concepts in concrete ways. I want to be an attentive listener and an advocate for my students.

Key Opportunities and Challenges for Technology in the Classroom:
  • Great way to incorporate UDI, make the material accessible to students of ability levels
  • Illustrates complex concepts with simulations, diagrams, etc.
  • Can Apply content to real world situation, explore broader applications
  • Creates situational interest
  • Schools and students may not have the money to access many form of technology
  • Technology isn't foolproof, must have a backup plan if something goes wrong.
  • Must avoid using technology for technology's sake
  • Cyber bullying/students violating the school's AUP

One Thing I Hope to Learn from This Class:

I hope to learn more techniques for making web based labs and inquiry activities for my future classroom!

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