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    Me with my brothers and new nephew
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  • - As a teacher I hope to be open minded, patient, and convincingly demanding
  • - In terms of the opportunities technology creates for the classroom, the possibilities are endless. Whether it be audio-visual display of teaching materials, internet chat sessions, e-mail pen pals, computer games, or the endless number of literary and academic sources available, the use of technology shows clear benefits. It can be a hindrance if the technology is not available to everyone, or if people are not fully trained in how to use it. Technology has been a large contributor to wasted class time in my high school and college careers due to teachers not knowing how to work computers, projectors, websites, phones, email, etc...
  • - I hope to learn better presentation alternatives to PowerPoint and develop new general computer based skills. Being a member of my generation, I feel like computers are something we just figured out without much effort, but we only bothered to learn cursory skills such as how to find solitaire, MS paint, and java games on the internet. A knowledge of the other 99% of the computers capabilities might be nice.