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Jenny Phelan
W&M MA.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Secondary Education, Foreign Language

Three key qualities I hope to embody as a teacher: caring, motivating, encouraging
Key Opportunities of technology use in the classroom:
  • There are numerous applications for learning foreign language that allow learners to practice vocabulary (online flashcards), to practice pronunciation, practice verb conjugations, check spelling, take notes. These can improve students' competencies in key areas of foreign language.
    There are also applications for recording and presenting audio and video. These present an opportunities for students to practice foreign language, have fun (developing skits for instance), and develop relevant professional skills (Prezi vs. PowerPoint for presentations).

Key Challenges of technology use in the classroom:
  • Technology is always changing, and not everyone has access to technology. Teachers and administrators need to be confident in their decisions to use certain types of technology in schools; the iPad might not always be the best device. Student learning can be enhanced by integrating technology with lessons but teachers and administrators should recognize that personal interaction is important and that not all learners may have access to technology.

What I hope to learn in the class: More generally, I hope to learn about successes and failures with schools' efforts to integrate technology in classrooms. More specific to foreign language, I hope to learn about specific applications that can be incorporated into lessons in foreign language.