Hi guys! My name is Dimelza Gonzales-Flores. I'm an aspiring secondary Social Studies teacher. I'm hoping to get a dual endorsement in English as a Second Language

The three qualities that I hope to embody as a teacher are encouraging, caring, understanding.

The key opportunities of technology in the classroom are giving the educator the ability to pull on resources that might be limited in his/her school, greater range of possible lessons to better cater lessons to students, and preparing students for the technology-filled world they will enter once they exit the school system. Some possible challenges are the discrepancies among students' access to internet and other technologies at home, malfunctioning technology in the classroom, and making another barrier to parental involvement (what if parents can't help their kids with their homework due the age-tech gap?).

I hope to gain an understanding of technology use in the classroom. I'm not very tech-savvy and I am hoping to learn more about certain programs and websites to enhance my teaching. My apprehensiveness toward technology shouldn't be a barrier to improving the knowledge my students can construct.

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