Hello! My name is Amy Jacobson and I am planning to teach secondary science (particularly biology).

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3 Key Qualities I Hope to Embody as a Teacher:
  1. Love
  2. Self-Motivation/Discipline
  3. Dependability

Key Opportunities and Challenges for Technology in the Classroom:
  • Deeper learning/understanding of material (especially through simulations and computational thinking regarding systems in science)
  • Facilitated dissemination of information over the web
  • Increased collaboration among peers through online communication networks
  • More varied programs for practicing knowledge application (through educational games, simulations, etc.)
  • Decrease paper waste in environment
  • Enhanced visualizations of material/content (such as the inside of a cell, the structure of DNA, etc.)
  • "Technical difficulties" both in class and at home (which subtracts instructional time and ability of students to think about the material)
  • Student SES: students with a wide range of accessibility, practice with, and support at home for technology
  • Students think about the cool technology more than the actual material
  • Standardized tests don't use variety of technologies for assessment
  • Financial state of school system may not allow it to invest in quality technology

One Thing I Hope to Learn from This Class:
Versatility! I hope to learn how to use technology in a variety of contexts for a variety of student demographics because I will be teaching in "high needs" schools somewhere in VA (hopefully!) after graduating.

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