UDL - Multiple Means of Expression Exploration

It is important to provide alternative modalities for expression, both to the level the playing field among learners and to allow the learner to appropriately (or easily) express knowledge, ideas and concepts in the learning environment.


  • Technology Management Plan - 11/13
  • Technology-Integrated Lesson Plan - first draft due 11/20
  • Finish up "after" discussion related to classroom management
  • Note Julie's handout posted on last class day schedule for students' evaluating resources
  • FAQ Sheet for management

Students as Content Creators

  • Share posts from Linoit board in small groups
  • Large group debrief - what are the issues related to content creation that we should pay attention to?

Opportunities as We Position Students to Create Content

  • giving students ability and skills in ways that make sense in relation to what they're learning
  • building skills that scale beyond school
  • allows students to take ownership over the content
  • gives students more opportunities to make connections so they can remember the content better
  • positions students in the role of teacher - easier to see the gaps in information when you have to teach it
  • students might develop some empathy for the teacher when they're teaching themselves
  • empowering
  • more active than lecturing, etc.
  • more excitement relative to doing a worksheet - more authentic assignments
  • it's good to take kids out of their comfort zone sometimes - real world skills

Challenges as We Position Students to Create Content

  • can't rely too much on online translaters for foreign language
  • Michael hates being creative. This kind of work may be out of some students' comfort level
  • ambiguity in assessment - for students and teachers
  • structure vs. open-ended
  • digital divide - varying experience with technology and access to technology outside of class
  • lack of experience in creating content - scaffold the experience
  • time - class time, preparation time, assessment time

Content Creation Tools Exploration

  • http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=4817
  • Particularly promising possibilities
    • Mindomo - Web-based concept mapping tool
    • MyHistro - timelines and maps integrated
    • Scholastic - good resources linked with grade levels
    • Read-Write-Think - good resources - good focused activities
  • What new opportunities are afforded by these tools?
  • How might they connect with the kind of classroom you hope to create?

How would you decide whether to use one of these tools or not?
  • How easy is it to teach to the students (look for tools that are low threshold, but high ceiling)?
  • How easy is it to collaborate, share, work together, etc.
  • Is it really going to enrich the learning experience?

Copyright and Student-Created Projects

  1. Read Understanding Copyright article - as you read pick out 3-5 key ideas that you would want students to know.
  2. Discuss important takeaways
  3. Watch video: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education
  4. Add to key ideas list, discuss general reactions and questions
  5. Watch: case study video
  6. Discuss potential issues that could come up in classes related to exhibit projects
  7. Pair up and complete a different scenario (skip #3) - use the Code of Best Practice to support their conclusions (see principles on pages 10-15) then share conclusions and reasoning
  8. Discuss classroom application - how do you scaffold this for students?
  9. Choose one copyrighted text/resource that you might want to use in an exhibit project and fill out the worksheet

For Next Time