UDL - Multiple Means of Expression with technology

Current media tools provide a more flexible and accessible toolkit with which learners can more successfully take part in their learning and articulate what they know. Unless a lesson is focused on learning to use a specific tool (e.g., learning to draw with a compass), curricula should allow many alternatives. Like any craftsman, learners should learn to use tools that are an optimal match between their abilities and the demands of the task.


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Feedback on Content Tool Collections

- Great ideas and summaries
- Expand beyond your content areas
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The "Representation Dilemma" (S.G. Grant, 2007)

  • What reasons do we have the dilemma?
    • Assessed in a different medium than they were taught (alignment of C, I, and A)
    • While instruction might honor multiple intelligences, assessments often don't
    • Lack of preparation
    • Lack of confidence
    • Students might approach material in a totally different way
    • Questions asking aren't necessarily representative of content as a whole
    • Students may not connect with you as a teacher
    • Difference in communication modes
  • “How do we know what students know?”
    • Participation
    • Monitor following task
    • Test/quiz
    • Homework
    • Answering questions
    • Written responses (essay, reflection)
    • Project
    • Discussion
  • What are the implications of this representation dilemma?
    • Grades don't always reflect understanding
    • Students don't always get to play on their strengths
    • Students can be very frustrated if they know they understand something, but their grades don't reflect it

UDL Guidelines for Multiple Means of Expression

- communication
- construction/composition
- development of fluency

Virtual Exhibits

- Definition - some collection or presentation of objects, information, or ideas connected with course content
- Different approaches
- Examples
- Possible tools

Your Challenge

- Virtual Exhibit Sample - in pairs or individually, due 10/23
- be substantive, but be creative and have fun

- Assessment Rubric