Creating Your Professional Learning Network

It’s the idea [the PLN] of deliberately cultivating a network of both people and resources that help a teacher grow professionally.
- John Spencer


Copyright in the Classroom

  1. Read Understanding Copyright article - as you read pick out 3 key ideas that you would want students to know.
  2. Discuss important takeaways
    • Copyright originally put in place to allow people to fully participate as citizens (societal benefit vs. interests of creator)
    • Educators benefit from the Fair Use exemption
    • 2 key questions
      • transformation
      • appropriate kind and amount
    • Copyright/Fair Use vs. school policies
    • Common understandings are interpretations that are perhaps too restrictive
    • Can be more bold in terms of what we do; collectively we can effect change

  3. Watch video: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education
  4. Add to key ideas list, discuss general reactions and questions
  5. Read pages 10-14 of Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education
  6. Discuss potential issues that could come up in classes related to exhibit or other content creation projects
  7. Pair up and complete a different scenario (skip #3) - use the Code of Best Practice to support their conclusions (see principles on pages 10-14) then share conclusions and reasoning
  8. Discuss classroom application - how do you scaffold this for students?
  9. Choose one copyrighted text/resource that you might want to use in an exhibit project and fill out the worksheet

Conversation with David Carpenter, Instructional Technologist at Alexandria Country Day School (11am)

Group Jigsaw

  • Divide into groups around key strategies
    • Social media (blogs, Twitter, Ning)
    • Communities (see below)
    • Blogging (commenting and creating)
    • In-Person Relationships
    • Traditional Print (journal TOC's in RSS feed)
    • Professional Development
  • Each group discusses in greater detail and shares out tips and strategies in the whole group
  • Whole class sharing/recommendations

Additional Resources

From David:

Posts about PLNs:

Possible Online Communities to Join:

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