UDL - Multiple Means of Representation with Technology

Learning, and transfer of learning, occurs when multiple representations are used, because it allows students to make connections within, as well as between, concepts. In short, there is not one means of representation that will be optimal for all learners; providing options for representation is essential
- National Center on Universal Design for Learning

From the Parking Lot

  • Great links from Melissa - thanks!
  • Curriki - share and access curriculum materials online

UDL Principle 1 reading

  • 3 concepts/examples/resources that resonate
  • 2 concepts/examples/resources that you'd like to explore further
  • 1 persistent question

Examples from the Field

  • What ways have you noticed in your placement schools (or prior experience) that teachers try to make content accessible?
    • starting class with song of the day and write a personal response
    • TED talks
    • skeleton notes
    • PowerPoints added to Edline afterwards
    • use note features in PowerPoint
    • podcast and/or PowerPoints online to do prior to class (flipped classroom)
    • bolding key words in notes
    • concept maps
  • What missed opportunities have you noted?
    • students taking advantage of "scaffolded" materials
    • if too scaffolded, there's only an interest in filling in the blanks
    • little technology use (other than microphone) - some missed opportunities
    • be careful not to minimize or remove skills that are important beyond school

Identifying Challenging Topics and Good Resources

  • What are some of the more challenging concepts/processes/information for students to grasp in your content area?
  • What makes a technology resource effective?

Content Tool Collection

  • attempt to find resources that touch on different facets of representation in your discipline
  • strategies for "hunting" for resources and tools
  • lab time to begin your search

"Parking Lot" for additional questions or ideas

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