UDL - Multiple Means of Expression with technology

Current media tools provide a more flexible and accessible toolkit with which learners can more successfully take part in their learning and articulate what they know. Unless a lesson is focused on learning to use a specific tool (e.g., learning to draw with a compass), curricula should allow many alternatives. Like any craftsman, learners should learn to use tools that are an optimal match between their abilities and the demands of the task.

Feedback on Content Tool Collections

- Great ideas and summaries
- Expand beyond your content areas
- Invite your methods professor to join your space
- Experienced "techie" teachers from VSTE will be posting comments/sharing ideas
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The "Representation Dilemma" (S.G. Grant, 2007)

- “How do we know what children know?”

UDL Guidelines for Multiple Means of Expression

- communication
- construction/composition
- development of fluency

Virtual Exhibits

- Definition - some collection or presentation of objects, information, or ideas connected with course content
- Different approaches
- Examples
- Possible tools

Your Challenge

- Virtual Exhibit Sample - in pairs or individually, due 10/23
- be substantive, but be creative and have fun
- Assessment Rubric