Technology and Pedagogy – Guiding an exhibit project

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."
--Mark Van Doren

Question of the Day

Exhibit Sample Gallery Walk

  • What examples really stood out to you?
    • movie trailer - unique, great way to build interest, engage students through format
    • PowerPoint for calculus - used in a novel way - process/skills oriented
    • timeline - Timetoast looked user-friendly and formatted nicely
    • visual maps on Mindmeister - appealing
    • Katie's mindmap using pictures were appealing to read
    • Amy's mindmap - good anchor for a class discussion, to organize a concept
  • What new ideas did you generate as you viewed your classmates' work?
    • creating performance for the students
    • use videos, raps as incentive
  • What kinds of things would students take away from this kind of experience?
    • re-organize information in ways that makes sense
    • re-organize ideas efficiently
    • students develop expertise related to the material - teaching others
    • identifying what's important related to a topic
    • professional products
    • ability to share work with a larger audience
    • great study tools to prepare for exams
    • access to materials easily
    • can make subject more accessible when it's packaged in a different kind of format

Guiding an Exhibit Project

  • What are your overarching concerns?
    • class time to do it
    • clarity in directions, assessment rubric
    • Internet connection
    • Usernames/passwords
    • Computers booting up - waiting
    • computer access out of school

Whole Group Planning

  • Before
    • gathering data, materials (e.g., sample pictures for a timeline)
    • introduction, handout on how to use the technology
    • test whatever you're doing on the computers where the students will work
    • what do you want students to get out of the assignment - focus work on this as much as possible
    • think through student interest relative to project - adjust accordingly
    • create student logins
    • think about quiet/space concerns
  • During
    • introduce project
    • provide an example
    • circulate through the room
    • try to head off frustration
    • faq sheet or project on board
    • time parameters or benchmarks - "by the end of class, you need to..."
  • After
    • editing
    • have students reflect on process in creating product
    • some assessment related to learning goals
    • clear up any misconceptions or missed info, ideas

Planning in Exhibit Groups

  • Before, during, after
  • Share with one other group
  • Whole group debrief

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