The Digital Divide

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.
- Nicholas Negroponte


  • Post eFolio link to profile page
  • Course evaluations
  • Feedback on Lesson Plans

Digital Divide

  • What were your reactions in going through the Stich.It?
  • What is your experience related to digital divide in your placement schools?
  • So, what are we going to do about it?

Small group work

  • Groups
    • Use of mobile devices
    • Access to equipment (at school and home)
    • One-computer classrooms
    • One-to-one environments
    • Tech use in high vs. low SES schools
  • Process
    • Develop shared definition of the digital divide
    • Explore readings
    • How does the reading add to or enhance your definition?


  • Developing a conceptual model of the Digital Divide
  • What themes do we see across groups?
  • Given this, what tips and strategies might we use to address challenges?

Additional Digital Divide Resources

- Further Research on the Digital Divide for more resources and articles

For Next Time