Technology Management Plan

Designing an engaging project for students is only the beginning to make sure it's a successful learning experience. Equally important is determining how you would manage the process. As discussed in class, this includes elements to consider before introducing the project, facilitating student work during the project, and assessing their understanding after the project has concluded.

You may complete this assignment along or with a partner. Using either the example exhibit project you worked on or a different idea that you'd like to explore, your challenge will to address these three phases of managing a technology project. To this end, please work through the following prompts to design a management plan that you think would structure an efficient, effective and meaningful learning experience for your students.

Once you complete your management plan, please post it in your Edmodo group as a note to the group. Your instructor and technology mentor teachers will then provide tips/feedback.

I will assess this work holistically. Please be sure that you address EACH of the prompts. I will be looking for substantive ideas in each of the three phases that would help to ensure a successful learning experience for students.


Grade level/content area:

Topic focus:

SOL(s) focus:

Learning goal(s) in plain English:

Brief description of a student content creation project, including the way that a technology tool will support the work:

What would you need to think about ahead of time in terms of reserving the computer lab/laptop cart, software, etc.


Student grouping (i.e., individual, small group, whole class), and how you might structure the groups, if applicable:

Possible challenges related to the process, and how you might address them:

Possible challenges related to the technology, and how you might address them:


Strategy(ies) for students to share their work with each other:

How the work would be assessed relative to learning goals: