Horizon Report Response

Each year, the New Media Consortium, in conjunction with international experts, develops a report on emerging trends for technologies in K-12 schools called the Horizon Report. The report identifies trends that they see coming down the road at different intervals (within one year, in 2-3 years, or 4-5 years). Over the ten years that they have published the Horizon Report, the predictions have been quite accurate. So, it’s safe to assume that these trends do represent the likely reality for technologies in schools during this time span.

However, just because we can anticipate these trends, they may not all be necessarily desirable for teachers and students. In this assignment, you should select one of the technologies that either really excites or concerns you.To begin this assignment, go to the report and read the Executive Summary (pages 3-9). This will help you understand the technologies broadly and identify one you'd like to focus on for a detailed response to the report. In other words, what are you passionately optimistic or fearful about in terms of the technology to watch? You should then go to the full report (link) and read in depth the discussion of the technology you've selected along with the examples and sources provided by the authors.

In a 3-5 page essay, you should provide a brief overview of the technology along with a clear position that you take towards it. In the remaining sections of the essay, drawing on the Report examples, develop an argument for your position relative to the technology and offer recommendations relative to the technology. Be sure to support your argument with sources. In the end, please provide clear recommendations for schools about the trend. Your essay should include a references section (whichever style - APA, Chicago, etc. - you're most comfortable with) that will not count towards your page limit.

When you finish, please post your essay to your Edmodo group. I will assess your essay primarily on how well you support your position and the recommendations you provide in the end.